Hypnotherapy with Victoria Westwood DHP HDP
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How does Hypnotherapy work?

During hypnosis the conscious, rational part of the brain is temporarily bypassed, making the subconscious part receptive to therapy. 

The conscious part of your brain is the bit you know as "you", the bit you are using to make sense of what you are reading right now. (If there is a little voice reading out loud in your head that's your conscious mind talking!) This part of your brain is attached to a vast intellectual resource and this is unique to humans - this is the part we don't share with other animals. When we operate from this side of the brain we generally get things correct in our daily lives because it will come up with answers based on a proper assessment of a situation and is mostly quite positive. 

The other side of the brain, the subconscious, is responsible for the things you don't think about, including automatic responses - breathing in and out, heart rate, blood pressure etc. This part of the brain is also associated with the fight/flight/depression area and it also stores all of our unwanted behavioural experiences, patterns and thoughts. This part of the brain is the negative part (also known as the primitive brain), i.e. the part that will always see things from the worst possible perspective.

If this primitive mind thinks that, for one reason or another, our life is in some sort of crisis or emergency it will step in generally to help. Depression, anxiety,and anger are all primitive opt out clauses.

It is an obsessional mind.
It is a vigilant mind

And, because the primitive brain is not an intellect, it can't be innovative and it has to refer to previous patterns of behaviour, so if what we did yesterday ensured our survival we are encouraged to do it again and again - even when this is not helpful! 

Hypnosis works by updating the subconscious mind with new and more helpful information, almost like reprogramming a computer. 

By dealing directly with the subconscious mind we can shape our perception of reality and although it is the "control centre" for most of our problems it also holds most of the solutions too!